In the article “The Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: A Detailed Comparison by Hayls World,” Hayls World provides a comprehensive comparison between the Apple Watch Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro, which are currently the top smartwatches in the market. The video, based on months of testing, highlights the wide range of features offered by both watches and aims to determine which one is the best. The comparison covers various aspects, such as display brightness, storage capacity, performance, battery life, customization options, fitness tracking capabilities, health features, phone control, dedicated app stores, and durability. Ultimately, the Apple Watch Ultra is declared the winner for its extreme capabilities, including diving and extreme temperature resistance.

In this engaging video by Hayls World titled “Apple Watch Ultra VS Galaxy Watch 5 Pro,” she takes an in-depth look at the two leading smartwatches available. After extensively testing both devices, she compares their features, showcasing the Apple Watch Ultra’s brighter display and double storage capacity in comparison to the Watch5 Pro. She also mentions that the Ultra feels smoother and faster in performance, while the Watch5 Pro boasts a slightly larger battery and quicker charging time. Both watches offer customizable watch faces and interchangeable straps, along with accurate workout metrics and sleep tracking. The Ultra stands out with its advanced compass, trackback, and car crash detection features. Additionally, Hayls World highlights the military-grade construction and durability of both watches and discusses the significant price difference between the two. Ultimately, she declares the Apple Watch Ultra as the winner, citing its extreme capabilities and exceptional performance.

The Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: A Detailed Comparison by Hayls World

Design and Display

The design of a smartwatch is an important aspect to consider, as it determines both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. When it comes to the overall design, there are various factors to consider. For example, the shape and material of the watch case, the type and quality of the straps, and the placement and functionality of the buttons.

In terms of display quality, a smartwatch should have a clear and vibrant screen that is easy to read in different lighting conditions. The resolution and pixel density play a crucial role in determining the sharpness and clarity of the display. Additionally, factors such as color accuracy, contrast ratio, and viewing angles should also be taken into consideration.

Brightness is another important factor to consider in a smartwatch. The display should be bright enough to be seen clearly in both indoor and outdoor environments, even in direct sunlight. A high brightness level ensures that you can easily read your notifications, track your workouts, and perform other tasks without straining your eyes.

Screen size is an aspect of a smartwatch’s design that varies from model to model. Some people prefer larger screens, as they provide more real estate for displaying information and interacting with apps, while others prefer smaller screens for a more streamlined and compact design. The ideal screen size depends on personal preferences and the intended use of the smartwatch.


When it comes to performance, a smartwatch should be able to provide a smooth and responsive user experience. Speed and responsiveness are crucial, as they determine how quickly the watch responds to your inputs and how smooth the transitions and animations are when navigating through the interface. Laggy and sluggish performance can be frustrating and diminish the overall user experience.

The user interface of a smartwatch should be intuitive and easy to navigate. The layout of the menus, the organization of the apps, and the accessibility of the settings should be user-friendly. A well-designed user interface ensures that you can quickly and effortlessly access the features and functionalities of the smartwatch.

Processing power is an important consideration, as it determines how quickly the smartwatch can execute tasks and handle multiple processes simultaneously. A powerful processor ensures that the watch can smoothly run apps, track your workouts, and perform other functions without any slowdowns or lag.

Storage capacity is also an important aspect to consider, especially if you plan to store music, apps, and other data on your smartwatch. Sufficient storage allows you to carry your favorite music and apps with you, without having to rely on your smartphone for everything.

Battery and Charging

A smartwatch’s battery life is a crucial factor to consider, as it determines how long the watch can last on a single charge. Long battery life ensures that you can use the watch for an extended period without having to worry about constantly recharging it. It is important to note that battery life varies depending on usage, with GPS usage and continuous heart rate monitoring significantly impacting battery drain.

Charging time is another important consideration for a smartwatch. Ideally, a smartwatch should charge quickly so that you can get back to using it as soon as possible. Fast charging capabilities allow you to charge the watch in a short amount of time, ensuring that you don’t have to wait too long to get it back up and running.

Fitness and Health Tracking

Many smartwatches come with fitness and health tracking features that allow you to monitor your physical activity and overall health. These features can include workout metrics, GPS accuracy, sleep tracking, ECG monitoring, and blood oxygen readings.

Workout metrics are a valuable feature for fitness enthusiasts, as they provide detailed information about your workouts. This can include metrics such as heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, and pace. Having access to this data allows you to track your progress, set goals, and make adjustments to your fitness routine as needed.

GPS accuracy is important for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and hiking. Accurate GPS tracking ensures that you can accurately measure the distance traveled and map your route. This allows you to track your outdoor activities more effectively and analyze your performance.

Sleep tracking is a feature that can help you improve your sleep quality and patterns. By monitoring your sleep duration and sleep cycles, a smartwatch can provide insights into your sleep habits and help you make adjustments to optimize your sleep.

Some smartwatches also come with ECG monitoring capabilities, which can help detect irregular heart rhythms and potential heart-related issues. This feature can be particularly valuable for individuals with underlying heart conditions or those who want to monitor their heart health more closely.

Blood oxygen readings are another health tracking feature that some smartwatches offer. Measuring blood oxygen levels can provide insights into your overall health and fitness, as well as help identify potential issues such as respiratory problems or sleep apnea.

The Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: A Detailed Comparison by Hayls World

Smart Features

Smart features are what set smartwatches apart from traditional watches. These features enhance the functionality and versatility of the watch, allowing you to do more than just tell time.

Phone control is a common smart feature that allows you to control certain functions of your smartphone directly from your smartwatch. This can include features such as call management, text message notifications, music playback control, and even the ability to remotely take photos using your smartphone’s camera.

Customizability is an important aspect of a smartwatch, as it allows you to personalize the watch to suit your preferences. This can include customizing watch faces, changing straps, and selecting different widgets and apps to display on the home screen.

App stores are another smart feature that allows you to expand the functionality of your smartwatch by downloading and installing additional apps. Whether you want to track your fitness, check the weather, control your smart home devices, or access social media, having access to a variety of apps can greatly enhance the capabilities of your smartwatch.

Internet browsing is a feature that some smartwatches offer, allowing you to browse the web directly from your wrist. While the smaller screen size of a smartwatch may not provide the most ideal browsing experience, it can be useful for quickly looking up information or checking your emails on the go.

The digital crown is a physical control found on some smartwatches, allowing you to interact with the interface by rotating the crown. This can be particularly useful for scrolling through menus, zooming in and out of maps, and navigating through various apps and settings.

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly common in smartwatches. Having a voice assistant such as Siri or Google Assistant on your wrist allows you to perform various tasks using just your voice, such as setting reminders, sending messages, and getting directions. This hands-free convenience can be particularly useful in situations where you are unable to use your hands, such as when exercising or driving.

Additional Features

In addition to the standard features mentioned earlier, some smartwatches come with additional features that cater to specific needs or provide unique functionality.

An advanced compass is a useful feature for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. It allows you to accurately determine your heading and navigate through unfamiliar terrain. This can be particularly useful when exploring new hiking trails or while traveling.

Trackback is a feature that allows you to retrace your steps or route, ensuring that you can find your way back to your starting point. This is particularly helpful for hikers and runners who may need to navigate through unfamiliar paths or trails.

Car crash detection is a safety feature that some smartwatches offer. Using built-in sensors, the watch can detect sudden impacts or collisions and automatically send an alert with your location to designated contacts. This feature provides an added layer of safety and peace of mind, especially for individuals who engage in high-risk activities or commute frequently.

Durability is an important consideration, particularly for individuals who lead an active lifestyle or work in rugged environments. A durable smartwatch should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear, including exposure to water, dust, and impacts. Look for watches with rugged construction and high durability ratings.

Extreme temperature resistance is another feature to consider, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. A smartwatch should be able to withstand both extreme heat and cold without compromising its performance or reliability.

Water resistance is a crucial feature for individuals who engage in water-related activities or simply want the peace of mind in case of accidental water exposure. Look for a smartwatch with a high water resistance rating, ideally with the ability to withstand submersion in water up to a certain depth.

The Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: A Detailed Comparison by Hayls World

Price and Value

Price point is an important consideration when purchasing a smartwatch, as it determines the affordability and value for money of the device. Smartwatches can vary greatly in terms of price, with entry-level models being more affordable and high-end models being more expensive. It is important to determine your budget and prioritize the features and functionalities that are most important to you.

Value for money is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a smartwatch. While a higher-priced smartwatch may offer more advanced features and premium materials, it may not necessarily provide the best value for money if those features are not important to you or if there are more affordable alternatives that meet your needs. Consider the overall package of features, build quality, and performance when evaluating the value for money of a smartwatch.


Choosing the right smartwatch requires careful consideration of various factors, including the design and display, performance, battery and charging, fitness and health tracking capabilities, smart features, additional features, price, and value for money. By evaluating these factors in relation to your specific needs and preferences, you can find a smartwatch that not only meets your requirements but also enhances your overall lifestyle and productivity. From staying connected to tracking your fitness goals, a smartwatch can be a valuable companion in your daily life.

The Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: A Detailed Comparison by Hayls World


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