The Samsung Tab S9 Ultra has made its debut as the latest high-end Android tablet in the market. With a massive 14.6-inch screen, slim design, and a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, this tablet is packed with impressive features. It boasts a quad-speaker setup for superior audio, supports multitasking and video editing, and even comes with a stylus for a desktop-like experience. Additionally, it offers an impressive camera setup and is water and dust resistant. However, while it may have advantages over the iPad Pro, its higher price and Android operating system may limit its appeal to those already invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Overview of Samsung Tab S9 Ultra

The Samsung Tab S9 Ultra is the latest addition to Samsung’s tablet lineup, offering a range of impressive specifications and features. Designed to compete with the top tablets on the market, such as the iPad Pro, the Tab S9 Ultra aims to provide users with a premium experience.

Specifications and features

The Tab S9 Ultra boasts a 14.6-inch screen, making it one of the largest tablets currently available. The display offers excellent clarity and vivid colors, ensuring a delightful viewing experience for multimedia consumption, gaming, or productivity tasks. With its thin profile, the tablet is surprisingly lightweight despite its large screen, making it easy to hold and carry around.

Comparison to iPad Pro

When comparing the Tab S9 Ultra to the iPad Pro, there are several factors to consider. In terms of screen size, the Samsung tablet clearly has the advantage, providing users with a more immersive experience. However, the iPad Pro offers a more extensive range of software and applications designed specifically for the iOS operating system, which some users may find preferable. Additionally, the Tab S9 Ultra comes at a higher price point compared to the iPad Pro, which is an important consideration for budget-conscious consumers.

Potential limitations

While the Tab S9 Ultra has numerous strengths, it is important to acknowledge its potential limitations. One such limitation is that it runs on the Android operating system, which may not be ideal for users who are heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem. Additionally, the tablet’s higher price compared to the iPad Pro may make it less accessible for some consumers. As always, it’s essential to carefully evaluate your needs and priorities before making a purchase decision.

Design and Display

The design of the Tab S9 Ultra is sleek and modern, featuring a razor-thin profile that adds to its elegance. The device is remarkably compact considering its large screen size, making it easy to handle and carry. The tablet is also built to withstand the elements, with IP68 water and dust resistance, giving users peace of mind when using it in various environments.

14.6-inch screen with thin profile

The standout feature of the Tab S9 Ultra is undoubtedly its 14.6-inch screen. Whether you’re watching movies, editing photos, or reading documents, the large display offers exceptional visibility and delivers an immersive visual experience. Despite its size, the tablet remains relatively slim and lightweight, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.

Razor-thin design and large battery

In addition to its expansive screen, the Tab S9 Ultra’s design is impressively thin, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The slim profile not only enhances its portability but also contributes to a sleek and modern appearance. Moreover, the tablet houses a large battery that ensures extended usage without constantly worrying about running out of power.

IP68 water and dust resistance

One notable feature of the Tab S9 Ultra is its IP68 water and dust resistance rating. This means the device is protected against dust particles and can be submerged in water up to a certain depth for a specified period without suffering damage. For users who often find themselves in outdoor or unpredictable environments, this feature is particularly valuable as it safeguards against accidental spills or exposure to the elements.

Samsung Tab S9 Ultra: Is the iPad Killer Real?

Performance and Cooling

To deliver exceptional performance, the Tab S9 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, specifically designed for the Galaxy series of devices. This powerful processor ensures smooth and speedy operation, enabling users to multitask seamlessly and run resource-intensive applications without any noticeable lag.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor

The inclusion of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor in the Tab S9 Ultra is a significant upgrade compared to its predecessor. The advanced chipset provides enhanced performance and efficiency, enabling the tablet to handle demanding tasks effortlessly. Whether you’re gaming, editing videos, or working on multiple applications simultaneously, the Galaxy processor ensures a responsive and smooth user experience.

Vapor Chamber cooling system

To maintain optimal performance even during intensive usage, the Tab S9 Ultra incorporates a Vapor Chamber cooling system. This innovative cooling technology dissipates heat more efficiently, preventing the device from overheating and ensuring sustained high performance. This is especially beneficial for users who engage in prolonged gaming sessions or resource-intensive tasks, as it helps avoid performance degradation due to heat buildup.

Impressive multitasking capabilities

Multitasking is a breeze on the Tab S9 Ultra, thanks to Samsung’s intuitive multi-window multitasking features. The tablet allows users to split the screen and run multiple applications simultaneously, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Whether you need to compare documents side by side, respond to emails while referencing a webpage, or chat while watching a video, the Tab S9 Ultra provides seamless multitasking capabilities.

Audio and Speakers

When it comes to audio quality, the Tab S9 Ultra does not disappoint. Equipped with a quad-speaker setup, the tablet delivers immersive sound with enhanced clarity and depth. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, the audio experience is truly captivating.

Quad-speaker setup with enhanced audio quality

The Tab S9 Ultra features four speakers strategically placed to maximize sound distribution. This quad-speaker setup creates a dynamic and immersive audio experience, enveloping the user in rich, detailed sound. Whether you’re watching a thrilling action movie or having a video call, the audio quality of the tablet ensures an enhanced and engaging user experience.

20% larger speakers for immersive experience

In addition to the quad-speaker setup, the Tab S9 Ultra incorporates 20% larger speakers compared to its predecessor. This upgrade results in more powerful and resonant sound, further enhancing the overall audio experience. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite music or engaging in a virtual meeting, the impressive speakers of the Tab S9 Ultra deliver exceptional sound quality.

Samsung Tab S9 Ultra: Is the iPad Killer Real?

S Pen and Charging

Samsung’s S Pen has become synonymous with their tablets, and the Tab S9 Ultra is no exception. With support for the S Pen, users can effortlessly take notes, draw, and interact with the tablet in a more intuitive and precise manner. Additionally, the S Pen supports bi-directional charging, allowing users to charge the pen directly from the tablet or vice versa.

Support for S Pen with bi-directional charging

The Tab S9 Ultra is designed to seamlessly integrate with the S Pen, providing users with enhanced functionality and convenience. Whether you’re an artist unleashing your creativity or a student taking detailed notes, the S Pen offers precise control and responsiveness. The bi-directional charging feature ensures that your S Pen is always ready for use, eliminating the need for separate charging accessories.

No charging brick included

It’s important to note that the Tab S9 Ultra does not come with a charging brick included. Instead, it utilizes USB-C charging, which allows users to charge the tablet using compatible charging bricks or power adapters they may already have. While this promotes sustainability and reduces electronic waste, it does require users to have their own charging brick or purchase one separately if needed.

45-watt charging support

Despite not including a charging brick, the Tab S9 Ultra supports fast charging up to 45 watts. This means that when using a compatible charging brick, the tablet can recharge at an accelerated rate, minimizing downtime and ensuring you can get back to using your device quickly. The 45-watt charging support is particularly beneficial for users who are always on the go and rely on their tablet for productivity or entertainment purposes.

Multitasking and Dex Mode

Samsung has long been at the forefront of multitasking capabilities, and the Tab S9 Ultra continues this tradition. With Samsung’s multi-window multitasking features, users can simultaneously run multiple applications and seamlessly switch between them, boosting productivity and efficiency. Additionally, the tablet offers Dex mode, which transforms the user interface into a desktop-like experience.

Samsung’s multi-window multitasking features

Multitasking is taken to a new level with Samsung’s multi-window multitasking features. Users can open two applications side by side, resize them according to their preference, and even interact with both simultaneously. This functionality allows for efficient workflows, such as referencing information from one app while writing or editing in another. Samsung’s commitment to multitasking is evident in the Tab S9 Ultra, providing users with a versatile and productive experience.

Dex mode for a desktop-like experience

One of the standout features of the Tab S9 Ultra is Dex mode. When activated, Dex mode transforms the tablet’s user interface into a desktop-like experience. This mode allows users to open multiple applications in resizable windows and drag and drop content between them, just like on a traditional computer. Whether you need to work on a document, browse the web, or edit photos, Dex mode provides a familiar and efficient interface for optimal productivity.

Samsung Tab S9 Ultra: Is the iPad Killer Real?

Camera Setup

The camera setup on the Tab S9 Ultra is truly impressive, offering users the ability to capture stunning photos and videos. With a combination of high-resolution lenses and advanced software features, the tablet excels in photography and videography.

Impressive camera setup

The Tab S9 Ultra boasts a rear camera setup that includes multiple lenses, allowing users to capture photos from different perspectives. This versatility ensures that users can take breathtaking landscape shots, detailed close-ups, and everything in between. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply enjoy capturing memories, the camera setup on the Tab S9 Ultra delivers outstanding image quality.

Ultra-wide front-facing camera with auto-framing

In addition to the rear camera setup, the Tab S9 Ultra features an ultra-wide front-facing camera with auto-framing. This is particularly useful for video calls, as the camera automatically adjusts and zooms to keep you centered in the frame while moving around. With this feature, you can participate in video conferences or connect with friends and family without worrying about staying within the camera’s view.

Comparison to iPad Pro

When comparing the Tab S9 Ultra to the iPad Pro, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each device to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences.

Advantages over iPad Pro

The Tab S9 Ultra has several advantages over the iPad Pro. Its larger screen size and vibrant display provide a more immersive experience when watching videos or working on creative tasks. Additionally, the Tab S9 Ultra’s support for the S Pen and its multitasking capabilities make it a more versatile device for productivity and creativity. Furthermore, the tablet’s integration with the Android ecosystem may be preferable for users who are already invested in the Android platform.

Operating system limitations

One notable limitation of the Tab S9 Ultra compared to the iPad Pro is the operating system. While Android offers a wide range of applications and customization options, it may not be as optimized for tablets compared to the iOS operating system. This may result in certain applications or features functioning differently or offering a less seamless experience on Android. Users who heavily rely on specific iOS-only applications or prefer the iOS ecosystem may find the iPad Pro more suitable for their needs.

Higher price compared to iPad Pro

The Tab S9 Ultra comes at a higher price point compared to the iPad Pro, which may be a decisive factor for some consumers. Although the higher price is justified by the tablet’s larger screen size, enhanced multitasking capabilities, and integration with the S Pen, budget-conscious buyers may find the iPad Pro’s pricing more appealing. It is essential to consider your budget and prioritize the features and specifications that are most important to you when choosing between the two devices.

Samsung Tab S9 Ultra: Is the iPad Killer Real?

Consumer Appeal and Market Impact

The Tab S9 Ultra targets a wide range of consumers, including professionals, students, and multimedia enthusiasts. Its large screen size, coupled with its multitasking capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for those who require an immersive and productive tablet experience. Artists and designers can take advantage of the S Pen and the tablet’s impressive camera setup to unleash their creativity. Additionally, the tablet’s IP68 water and dust resistance make it appealing for outdoor enthusiasts and individuals who require a durable device for their daily activities.

Potential limitations for non-Android users

While the Tab S9 Ultra has much to offer, it may present limitations for users who are not accustomed to the Android operating system. If you primarily use iOS devices or rely heavily on iOS-specific applications, transitioning to an Android device may involve a learning curve and potential compatibility issues with certain applications or services. It’s important to consider your familiarity with Android and how it aligns with your current workflow and software requirements before making a purchase.

Effect on the tablet market

The launch of the Tab S9 Ultra is expected to have a significant impact on the tablet market. Samsung’s commitment to innovation and their reputation for producing high-quality devices ensures that the Tab S9 Ultra will be a strong competitor among other premium tablets. Additionally, its unique features, such as the S Pen integration and multitasking capabilities, set it apart from competitors in the market. The tablet’s release may also inspire other manufacturers to push the boundaries of tablet technology further, resulting in enhanced features and experiences for consumers.


The Samsung Tab S9 Ultra is an impressive tablet that offers a range of features and specifications designed to cater to the needs of various users. With its large screen, powerful performance, and versatile multitasking capabilities, the tablet provides an immersive and productive experience. The integration of the S Pen adds a new dimension of creativity and precision, making it an ideal choice for artists and students. However, it’s essential to consider the potential limitations, such as compatibility with the Android operating system, as well as the higher price compared to its competitors. Ultimately, the Tab S9 Ultra offers a premium tablet experience that is sure to delight many users in search of a versatile and high-performing device.

Samsung Tab S9 Ultra: Is the iPad Killer Real?


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